I am sorry that it has been so long since I posted anything new. Things have been a bit crazy here. 8 months ago we had a little boy and now I am somebody’s mother (what a scary, scary thought…). My maternity leave turned out to be a full-time job, contrary to my believes before the baby that this will be a piece of cake and I will likely get bored. However, despite my busy days I really missed taking photos. More so, I missed being able to see like a photographer. So, while Will was taking his nap, I pulled out some of his favourite toys and decided to shake off the dust from my camera. I am very rusty, but I hope you will enjoy these.

SONY DSCThis is Will’s “whatcha-ma-call-it”. He loves to chew on the wooden ends.

SONY DSCWill doesn’t understand soft toys yet, but it is my hope that The Crock in Socks will become his favourite.

SONY DSCThis is just one shelf of Will’s growing library, featuring a very complicated stacking toy. We picked it up at a thrift store and have yet to figure out the proper order of its rings (maybe it’s just me…)

SONY DSCOh, so much fun to be had with this simple suction toy!

SONY DSCThis is a small part of a bigger, zoo-themed toy. I think the turtle is my favourite.

I hope you have enjoyed these images as much as I enjoyed taking and editing them.

Amazing Oldies – Children

I recently found some amazing old photos. Enjoy these!


I don’t know where one could get a goat cart, but I want it… children_045_bw_300-Lo-Fi This has got to be the cutest cowboy in the world!children_093_bw-Lo-Fi “Hello?! Toys ‘R Us?!”children_095_bw_300-Lo-FiI have nothing to say about this kid, he is just too cool Scan 2-Lo-FiI think I’ve posted this photo before, but I absolutely love it! I can see this being a really cool folk album cover. Maybe Mumford & Sons or Bright Eyes.


Ocean Tales

The ocean, the people, the air. Steveston is the best place to be on sunny early Summer day. This little fishing village has captured my heart and someday I would love to live here. For now, I have taken these images as a reminder of the wonderful day. Enjoy!